Sat. Jan. 18 - Meet the Designer November 01 2019



11am to 1pm


He will be bringing his newest cozy hoodie design for
exclusive purchase Saturday only.
Don’t forget, we are donating 25% to The Angel Project when you
buy any Shine The Light On clothing!
It begins on the tennis courts of a hard working player. My determination led to a scholarship at the University of Michigan and a spot on a top NCAA tennis team. Eli of Shine The Light OnMaintaining my grades and making it to the punishing 6am practices were the least of my worries. It was my suppression of the memory of sexual abuse that traumatized me at age 14 that proved to be my greatest challenge. I spent what little free time I had binge drinking myself through my denial of the abuse. This behavior was, and is, normalized for many young people and so I continued to dismiss the painful and confusing memory that tormented me. I simply lacked the tools necessary to express my despair.

After first year university, I found myself extending my lies to my family, as I was unable to acknowledge the abuse. I believed my pain was unwarranted in light of my outward success. In retrospect I realized I was simply uneducated
about the symptoms of depression and alcoholism.

I transferred to the University of Western for second year. Without the pressures of maintaining scholarship grades and the physical rigors of tennis competitions, I was left with time to devolve further into my self-destructive behavior. It wasn’t until over a year later, after my second suicide attempt, that I finally reached out. With my parents help, I found myself on a 67-day wilderness program in Utah. It was by sharing my story and hearing the stories of others that my future path was illuminated.
Shine the Light On was born with a desire to subtly help create conversation.
STLO t-shirts are designed to bring awareness to social issues impacting youth and it goes beyond just cleverly worded slogans.

I have partnered with non-profit organizations across the world to help educate high school and university students in social and emotional learning, and teach students how to have important dialogue and connect authentically.

With every sale, STLO donates one educational program to advance mental health in youth. I now stand 5 years sober, and with my clothing in retailers across the country, change will happen. When my subtle messages of support gives another person the courage to share their story, I am creating the type of world I believe is well worth living in.



Author Maggie FayIf you have elementary aged kids, please drop in and meet Maggie Fay, educator and author of Hallway Connections (and purchase a signed copy).

Through the eyes of two young boys, Maggie Fay tells the story of Liam and Lucas and their new friend Lily – a friend who is different than the kids in their class. The boys set off to create coding games for Lily, who
they come to understand communicates in very specific ways. Maggie explains Autism in a perfect way for young readers to understand. Hallway Connections teaches an incredible lesson about compassion and acceptance.
Hallway Connections Book