Joelle’s Night Out With Amanda Steene March 22 2018

Joelle's at Amanda Steene Cosmetics

The Joelle’s team recently spent an evening at Amanda Steene Cosmetics located at 2017 Lakeshore Road in Downtown Burlington. We chose the Custom Lips package from the Party List  which included a custom lipstick for everyone and a glass of champagne!


makeup bar

Amanda Steene - Director chair and selection

The Block Co

Since we came after work, we added on a charcuterie platter from the guys over at The Block Co  another one of our fave downtown businesses.

forms to fill out

After filling out a short questionnaire for their files, we got down to business trying to figure out the colours we wanted to create.  Gloss or lipstick?  Matte, cream, velvet, vegan or lipgloss?  Add sparkle? Add fragrance and frosting - chocolate, vanilla, coconut, strawberry, cupcake, sangria?  How fun!



ipod your look

Technology!  We were able to “try on” colours on the iPad.  Purple - umm, no thanks!  But fun to try!

blending colour
Karen mixing

Mixing and blending, Amanda and Karen worked their magic to get us the perfect shades. The colours are blended using their scientific,  magnetic, heating-stirring system. 

lipstick mold
lipstick tubes

The lipsticks are molded and popped into a pretty tube - glosses are set and poured into your applicator!  Voila!!

Chris and her lipstick
Alex with her lip gloss

You can see our custom colours up on the board!  Joelle’s pink is super fun, with a hint of sparkle and sangria flavouring.

lip colour board
Joelle's Pink
Olivia applying her lip gloss
some of our colours
Jackie, Danielle and Linda
Vicki imprints her lip card
Beth's lip card
Danielle enjoyed her experience
Linda looking at the finished product.

Of course, we were wearing some of our spring collections!

Joelle and Linda
Beth, Erica and Danielle

Be sure to pop by Amanda Steene Cosmetics the next time you are downtown.  Custom foundations, makeup application, and a range of primers, cleansers, moisturizers, and ready made makeup is available.  Amanda offers years of expertise!

Amanda Steene

Karen, Joelle and Amanda