New Canadian Jewellery Arrivals March 17 2016

We are so excited to be adding some new lines to our jewellery boxes.
Visit us soon to see some exciting new pieces from our new Canadian lines and
from our long time favourites.
Meet the Designers:

“My continuous source of inspiration is what I call the ‘grand reflection’. In this world, we are impacted by a shared human experience; the political landscape, the economy, the cosmos, the weather, our progress in science and technology, and spirituality, all play a part. Like a mirror, this shared experience is reflected in pop culture, street style, art and design, fashion, and everything in between. Tapping into this collective pulse, and observing our grand reflection has always been, and will always be my creative fuel.” - Jenny

Jenny Bird launched her namesake line in 2008 after noticing a huge void in the market. It was missing something important; fashion-forward accessories that were both high quality and accessibly priced.

Since then, Bird and her husband, Adam Kohn, have grown Jenny Bird into an internationally recognized brand — sold in over 600 retailers and 14 different countries — with showrooms in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, and Tokyo.
With garment construction in her genes, the self-taught Bird designs her pieces with exceptional attention to detail and quality. Her pieces are both modern and enduring; they embody a bold feminine spirit with a touch of edge; something that has built a loyal following of women (birdgirls) of all ages.


Over the past seven years, sisters Shawna and Randi Herlich, have been designing their timeless jewelry line The Right Hand Gal. Based out of Montreal, Canada, the accessory brand has always found a way to keep up with current trends while staying true to the unique, dainty and feminine style of its creators. With their new E-store and an aggressive marketing campaign in the works, they are very excited to introduce their brand to the US market.
his entrepreneurial duo is constantly on the move with no intention of slowing down.

Though to some,  The Right Hand Gal may appear to be just another fun jewelry line, but there is so much more than meets the eye. The sisters are great advocators of women’s empowerment, a core value of the brand, and every piece created tells a unique story meant to uplift and inspire. The idea is to instill the notion that with passion, authenticity and confidence, women can truly be unstoppable. Their jewelry is made with genuine, luxe materials, some of which include, gold, gemstones and the always coveted, DIAMONDS! Every piece fabricated is meant to grow with the owner and endure the tests of time, like modern day heirlooms that can be effortlessly mixed, matched and layered with trending favorites.

The driving force behind The Right Hand Gal is the feminist philosophy that, “the left hand is reserved for the misters, but the RIGHT HAND is reserved for the sisters.” Simply put, this means why wait for a man to be dazzled when one should and could be dazzling oneself? These two sisters live and breathe this motto and the mentality that the modern woman can have it all!
Since its birth, The Right Hand Gal has received an amazing response amongst women Canada-wide, allowing them to build a loyal customer and retail base.

Rocking Vibe is a high fashion, mindful jewelry line bridging together the industries of self-empowerment and fashion. Here to inspire fierce leaders and passionate women to be the master of their own destiny. We know everyone’s journey is unparalleled as is each of our unique pieces. Just like your beauty, our pieces are natural, raw, and unique. You are a one of a kind creation, made from the source, and our pieces are worn as a symbol of this universal bond.  Rocking Vibe’s luxurious natural creations are here to remind you of your undeniable presence and profound importance to the world.

Liana Louzon is the founder and the artist behind ROCKING VIBE. Liana immigrated to Canada from Russia at the age of 14 and has used the opportunities this country has offered to her to embrace her creativity. A world renown photographer with clients such as REEBOK, LULULEMON, and GOODLIFE to name a few she has a knack for empowering through her art. Liana combines her passion for uniqueness, risk taking, self liberation in designing ROCKING VIBE pieces. Liana is living her life as an example for her 3 kids, using her talents and ambition to inspire the world around her!

Jennifer Ger and Suzie Chemel believe that life, like fashion, should be fun, bright and full of excitement. They founded Foxy Originals on this belief and create unique and playful jewelry pieces that help young women everywhere find their own way to sparkle and shine – without breaking the bank.

Not many people can say they built the foundation for an international business while in high school, but that’s exactly where Suzie and Jen both got their start. Suzie grew up surrounded by the glitz and glamour of her family’s jewelry business, and helped her mother to design a teen collection during her own high school years. At the same time, Jen also began to design jewelry. She used her high school cafeteria as a production facility where classmates helped bring her creations to life. When she sold this jewelry to independent boutiques, she realized that her creative hobby was really a gem of a business idea.

These stylish entrepreneurs met while studying at the University of Western Ontario, and quickly discovered their shared passion for bracelets and baubles. They decided to focus their combined talents on a single vision and founded Foxy Originals. They sold jewelry on campus and in the summer took Foxy on the road to outdoor festivals and concerts. Their inventive designs caught on, and it wasn’t long before they had a strong following of fans, always anxious to see what they’d come up with next.

When they graduated with business degrees in 2003, they turned Foxy Originals into a full-time affair, and set out to make high-style fashion jewelry accessible to young women. They continued to develop uniquely styled pieces that featured colourful enamel designs, innovative shapes and clean lines. This fresh new look brought tremendous attention from fashion editors, stylists and trend-setters – Foxy was in the news and on the fingers, wrists and necklines of fashion-savvy young women everywhere.


Jenn Fenton is an independent jewelry designer that has a flare for the extraordinary. For over a decade she has been creating stunning, handcrafted, pieces with exquisite attention to detail. Her vintage inspired pieces have strolled the red carpet and graced the pages of magazines such as Lucky and Seventeen. Creative inspiration comes easily to this adoring mother and wife who was raised a Burlington girl and currently lives on picturesque Lake Sybelia in Florida. 

Formed in 2010, Hailey Gerrits Designs is a Vancouver based jewelry business focused on providing unique and sustainable jewelry. Hailey designs her pieces using almost 100% repurposed and recycled vintage metal findings, paired with semi-precious stones hand-cut in India.  Whether it be from warehouses in New York or street markets in Cambodia, Hailey is always looking for unique pieces to create with.  She spends hours digging in warehouses and markets for the perfect vintage chains, crystals, and pendants.

Today, Hailey Gerrits Designs can be found in over fifty boutiques across Canada.

Each piece is still imagined, designed, and produced by hand in Hailey's Gastown studio in Vancouver BC.


Drawn together during their Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree studies at Toronto’s Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, Maja Ilic and Michael Bremer recognized their common appreciation for innovative design and natural business talents as a recipe for success. Combining Michael’s passion for quality workmanship and Maja’s love of design, the couple’s dream became a reality with the debut of the Myka Designs collection in 1987, when they turned their hobby into a part time business. Upon graduation in 1991, Maja and Michael pursued their vision to develop Myka into a full time business.

Innovative design, clever engineering and impeccable quality have been the cornerstone of Myka. Each piece of jewellery is hand made out of pewter to ensure the quality synonymous with the Myka Designs label. Collection after collection, Maja and Michael faithfully envision, draft and sculpt each piece of jewellery from concept to finished product. ‘Swarovski’ crystals, semi-precious stones, combined with a breathtaking variety of glass and crystal beads, enhance each signature piece. Now, a devoted clientele – hungry for originality and appreciative of their quality craftsmanship - anxiously await each new debut. Maja and Michael chose the road less traveled and have been greatly rewarded. 28 years later, the personal partnership and professional craftsmanship in Maja and Michael Bremer continues to grow. Living their ‘dream’ and energized by the success of Myka, Maja and Michael celebrate their journey and look forward to the future.

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we design from a place of co-creation, collaboration and connection. inspired by people, places and nature's elements, near and far.  
each piece is handmade using a selection of semi-precious gemstones, wood, bone, metals and ethnic materials - chosen based on both their beauty as well as their healing properties and intentions. from these elements an organic and earthy collection is created.