Black and White Lokai February 01 2017

The Black & White Lokai are a wearable reminder that you have a choice to
make a difference.  And together, we can #ChooseToChange our world.

Lokai is giving you the power to choose to support the cause that you're most
passionate about.  When you purchase a Black & White Lokai, they will donate to
the cause of your choice. (Note: Black and White bracelets are sold as a pair)

Choose to support animal protection, pediatric cancer, autism,
the environment, Alzheimer's, or heart disease.

Each Black & White Lokai purchased in 2017 comes with one unique code on
the tag.  By entering your code and selecting one of the charities on,  Lokai will donate $2 to the charity you choose.
Lokai has committed to a minimum donation of $10,000 to each charity.